Clay is a fine way to make form. It is both raw and material. You work with it, then you cook it. But in the process this lump of amorphous matter has the potential to become, or to suggest, almost anything.

You cajole it and nurture it along the way, and you hope that in the making you can invest it with a voice that can speak powerfully about ideas and elicit reactions and emotions.

The ideas that motivate each piece for me change, but they are usually about people and everyday life, things that can build on the connections between us.

I like the work to be light even if the subject matter is heavy, something that can be taken smiling even if the fact is grim.


Detail, Have we got a Deal for Us?



2008 – 2010
Master of Fine Arts (ceramics) Sydney College of the Arts.
2004 – 2006
Bachelor of Visual Arts, Honours I(ceramics) Sydney College of the Arts.
1971 – 1975   
Diploma of Graphic Design, Randwick School of Design.

Professional Experience

2003  -
Began writing feature articles on architecture and design for Indesign magazine.
Began producing editorial work for various magazines including the Australian Financial Review Magazine, Steel Profile, World Architecture and others. Wrote the ‘Other Passions,’ page in the Australian Financial Review Magazine until 2010.
Established communications and design company, Oki Doki Productions.
1976 -1992 
Worked as an art director, then as a copywriter, in major advertising agencies.

Exhibitions and Awards


Finalist, Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, South Australian Museum, 8 June – 5 August 2018


Animology Exhibition, Saint Cloche, Paddington, 11-22 October;                                                                                                                        Finalist, Brisbane Art Prize, 5-27 October;                                                                                                                                                         Sculpture 2017, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, 20 October - 18 November;

Landforms and Carried Away Series, Form/Surface/Structure Exhibition, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Newtown, 14 – 28 October;                       Drawn-on Vase Series, Clay Marks Exhibition, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Newtown, 19 August – 6 September;                                                       Pret-a-Paws Exhibition, Saint Cloche, Paddington, 15 – 28 June;

Elements, Saint Cloche Gallery, Paddington, 9 – 20 February;                      
Black Line Boogie, Saint Cloche Gallery, Paddington, 11 August – 1 September

Ten Green Bottles, and Headland, HarbourSculpture, Woolwich Deckhouse, 30July – 5 August;

Various cactus works, Cactus Wonderland, Saint Cloche, Paddington, 14 – 28 February;
Love Letters, Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney, December – January;

Contemporary Porcelain, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, 12 June – 1 July

Camouflage Cultures, International conference and exhibition, curated by Ann Elias and Nicholas Tsoutas, Sydney College of the Arts, 8 – 31 August;                      
North Sydney Art Prize exhibition, 26 July – 4 August, North Sydney
Finalist, Fauvette Laureiro Memorial Artists Travel Scholarship Exhibition, Sydney College of the Arts, 9– 20 October, 2012
The Narrative Knot- Stories in Ceramics, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, 2 December – 22 Jan 2012;                   
Making their own Way, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, 28 October – 15 December;
Contemporary Work by Recent Graduates of SCA, Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, 24 Sept – 12 Nov;
Solo exhibition, Show of Care, Salerno Gallery, Glebe. 24 May –-11 June;                     
A Fresh Perspective, Kerrie Lowe Gallery, King St, Newtown. 1 – 12 April;                
Greatest Hits Volume 2, Verge Gallery, City Road, Newtown, 21 Feb – 18 March.
Masters Show, Sydney College of the Arts, Rozelle, 8 – 15 December, 2010.
Read my Cups, Utility Show, Sydney College of the Arts, Rozelle
Co-curator, Young Guns, Sydney College of the Arts, Rozelle, 15 – 29 July;
Selected for Pourers, group exhibition at Object Gallery, Sydney, 11 – 26 July;
NYOU, Horus and Deloris Contemporary Art Space, Sydney, 1 – 29 July;
SET, group exhibition, Delmar Gallery, Ashfield, Sydney 24 May – 14 June
APA Research Scholarship, University of Sydney
Honours Graduation Show, Sydney College of the Arts
Clay Station 8 Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space, Sydney, 1 – 13 Sept.;
Tacit Tactics, SCA Galleries, 8 Aug – 9 Sept; University of Sydney Honours Scholarship                    
Graduation show, Sydney College of the Arts;                         
Continuing Undergraduate Scholarship, University of Sydney

Writing on Ceramics


Gondwana Horizon, The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Vol 56, No 1, April 2017, pp65 - 69;                                                                                 Catalogue Essay, Barbara Campbell-Allen, Gondwana Horizon, An Australian Landscape Narrative, Gallery Manora, January 21 - February 19;

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